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Fit Me In creator

My name is Denise & I am the
creator of Fit Me In.
I previously ran my own fitness business & I now
work for myself in the beauty industry.
I am a qualified Life Coach & am accredited
to volunteer in the Mental Health Sector,
which is something I am very passionate
about & which I doing doing.

I suffered abuse as a child & as a consequence spent time in the care system, all of which has had a major impact on both me & my life as a whole.
I’ve experienced lots of heartache over the years & have been on many different journeys, some destructive, trying to explore & find, or at least understand the real me.
I have always felt & wholly believed I never fitted in anywhere, both professionally & personally.
At times I have felt completely & utterly lost, with nowhere or no one to turn to. This is not a nice place to be. My heart goes out to anyone that has experienced that feeling, or is currently feeling out of their depth in many different ways with the world around us.
I feel there is a point during the journey to get to this soul destroying point, that we can help nip it in the bud before we do actually reach rock bottom. All it takes is someone to take your hand & help guide you through…
I have a burning passion to help others & I believe prevention is always better than cure. So why wait until you feel you cannot wait or cope any longer, & take a leap of faith to let me help you to help yourself.
I am one of the lucky ones I know. I seem to have oodles of resilience deep inside that helps me get up & keep fighting. I think this stems from having to survive from a young age; you learn very quickly to toughen up as a child.
I also try to view life’s setbacks as a challenge, rather than a hardship. Every knock-back has just made me stronger, & I absolutely refuse to dwell on the past – what is done is done & I cannot change it!
It’s this outlook that has made me into the strong, resilient woman I am today. Some things have left permanent scars I know, but I’m aware of that & know it’s something I just have to accept is part of me & live with it.
Resilience can be learnt, so don’t give up on yourself.
I seem to have a knack of motivating others, boosting their confidence, & helping them see everything can be ok.
I already volunteer in the mental health sector, but feel I can do so much more for those that aren’t already part of that system.
I’m not a miracle worker, but I am living proof that life can & does go on, regardless of what’s thrown at you.
I know I can help make a difference by bringing us all together to form strong & united bonds that will survive the test of time.
All I ask is that you trust me on my quest to do right by you, with only one motive, to help YOU.!

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“Stop shrinking to fit places you’ve outgrown”

Relevant Qualifications
Advanced Life Coach
Mindfulness Coach
Clinical Nutrition
Sports Nutrition
Obesity & Diabetes Specialist
Advanced Personal Trainer Level 4 REP’s
Sports Massage Therapist
Mental Health Accreditation Oakleaf
MIND Volunteer

The Support Friendship Group will be a mix of group chats, either online or by meeting face to face. Plus various outings, such as meals, drinks, walks, fun days out, etc, depending on pandemic guidelines
* Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we are currently meeting via Zoom at 9.30am every Thursday morning. An evening slot will be available if demand is there.
**Please don’t worry if you are not familiar with Zoom, as you can have a one to one private chat with me via video link to help get you more comfortable with it OR you can participate with AUDIO ONLY, whereby no one can see you, they can only hear you

GET IN TOUCH for an informal chat

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