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What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is the ability of one’s mind to pay attention to the present surroundings, to become aware of the present moment. This must happen out of curiosity and not judgment.
We run into busy days and sometimes sleepless nights and we may find it difficult to find the right balance in our lives.
Many people spend the majority of their day feeling stressed and overwhelmed with thoughts, often finding it difficult to focus. It may feel as if they aren’t present in their own lives.
Mindfulness acts as a powerful tool, helping in cultivating skills that are essential for human living. This way we learn to pay attention, calm down and nurture joy.

Mindfulness increases tenderness and kindness towards ourselves, restoring the dimensions of our being. It isn’t that they are missing, but that we miss noticing them. When your mind clarifies and opens, your heart also does the same.
It releases ‘happy chemicals’ in the brain, helping in fighting with health issues, including digestive problems, lowering blood pressure, releasing tension, etc.
Your subconscious mind receives positive vibes, in turn filling your soul with positive energy. People around you can resonate with the same, they then enjoy your company and thus you become the centre of attraction for all.
With mindfulness, we can live our lives with the right balance and greater joy

There are various benefits of practicing mindfulness in our daily routine.

  • Greater focus and concentration
  • Less stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Better sleep and improved chronic functioning
  • Better immune system
  • Increased happiness and well-being

In today’s world of hustle and bustle, mindfulness holds great significance. A mindfulness coach can best guide you to adopt this wonderful practice.

What is the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation?
Mindfulness is the awareness of something.
Meditation is the awareness of nothing.

Both are like mirror images of each other. Mindfulness supports and enriches meditation. Meditation nurtures and expands mindfulness.
You can practice mindfulness in any part of the day. Meditation can be incorporated into some part of your day.
There are different types of meditation, some involve yoga and others can involve chanting sounds.
Meditation complements mindfulness and vice versa. If you start practicing both, you can lead a happy and satisfying life.

What can a Mindfulness Coach do to help?
Adopting and practicing a new thing is sometimes difficult. People may try hard but may not be able to shut their minds. Their thoughts can cage them reducing their efficiency.
Mindfulness coaching can guide them in the right way, providing them with the necessary support, giving them a different perspective on their lives and themselves. This can help in overcoming bad memories that may be hampering joy in the present.
A mindfulness coach helps in executing the basic techniques guiding you towards building a satisfying practice of wisdom, perspective, kindness, and self-compassion, helping to fade your negativity and past stress.

What can a mindfulness coach provide?

  • Suggestions on using mindfulness in recovery
  • Guidance on how to develop a mindful practice
  • Guidance on how mindfulness helps in personal and professional problems
  • Warning about potential pitfalls
  • Encouragement and support

What can’t a mindfulness coach provide?

  • Therapy
  • Medical advice
  • Social work
  • how to use alcohol or drug
  • psychoanalysis
  • Counselling

How much does it cost?
Each Mindfulness Coaching session lasts for 45 minutes either one to one, or via video link. Sessions are usually booked in blocks as follows:
45 minute ‘taster session’ To be updated – a one off session to see if it is right for you
Block of 4 sessions – To be updated
Block of 6 sessions – To be updated
Block of 8 sessions – To be updated

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